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Welcome to Eiosoft Capital Group LLC-Abu Dhabi, Marketed By Eiosoft Capital (DIFC) LTD, in UAE & GCC, and also in UK ,

As well as in india its legal representative is Eiosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd.
The main discussion topics at DEFItt Coin/DefitT Corporate  Bare Bonds   often pave the way to surprising and unexpected conversations thanks to our engaged forum users. Our Mining & Cryptocurrency Community is dedicated to enhancing the forum experience by offering plenty of opportunities for users to engage with each other in an interesting and safe online environment.

In 2021, cryptocurrency has its finest year ever. While virtual currencies were one of the few businesses to thrive in 2020, they are just getting more widespread, popular, and accessible. Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity throughout the world, with recent innovation in the United States and elsewhere, and emerging economies leading the trends. According to studies, blockchain technology is expected to contribute significantly to global GDP by 2030. A cryptocurrency is a type of digital or virtual currency that is encrypted to track transactions and prevent counterfeiting. It has no physical representation and is distributed via a vast network of nodes connected to a virtual universe. It operates on a decentralized network structure based on blockchain technology. Transfers are encrypted using either public or private keys and are directly linked to the user’s digital wallet. Unlike traditional currencies, it is not distributed by a single company and is not vulnerable to government intervention or manipulation. It also offers several advantages, such as increased mobility, transferability, inflation resilience, and visibility. Furthermore, the regulation and acceptance of buying, selling, or trading virtual currency in several developing countries is propelling business expansion due to the high level of accountability provided by distributed ledger technology or blockchain. As a result, there is little chance of illegitimate or unintended transactions as a result of human or computer error or data manipulation. This enables both parties to track any modifications made during the process in real-time, including increased data protection and transaction immutability. Additionally, quick access to online trading platforms that can be accessed via smartphones is fuelling business growth. The global crypto industry is drawing not just retail buyers, but also conventional financial institutions and large companies hoping to benefit from the emerging trend in digital assets. As a result, we are seeing the highest appreciation of cryptocurrency’s in history and it is becoming a part of the industry that is here to stay.

DEFItt & fTT World

DEFItt & fTT Bond CRYPTO WORLD- We are delighted to launch the first fTT Cryptocurrency Bonds ecosphere with the Government of Ajman & 

Where you can shop and utilize your DEFItt Coins/ Bonds, Like in Damac Properties., Capital Club – Dubai, Desi Night, Mercury Lounge etc.

Scops –

  1. DeFitt Crypto ATM
  2. Solar Power City
  3. Gaming zone
  4. Casino
  5. Hotels
  6. Clubs
  7. On spot exchange
  8. Live Restaurants
  9. Live game war shows:
  10. Robotic or AI Project in Covin 19 or any other pandemic,or any of  it means.
  11. Shopping Malls
  12. Luxury SPA
  13. Private Party clubs
  14. Fully Secured Campus
  15. Fully Temperature Controlled
  16. Crypto License Authority
  17. DEFItt Bank
  18. Water Parks
  19. No Tax Zone
  20. DEFItt Real Estate exclusive Bonus-

  1. Defi (Non KYC Funds/ Decentralisation Finance) Crypto Atm: A rarely new concept which is unique and never used by anyone in the crypto world and ATM which is connected with exchange and powered by visa payments to Decentralized finance. BENEFITS: – a. If you need fiat for your DEFItt Coins you can use our Visa powered Defi Swipe card and load your card with Premium DEFItt Coins balance on spot exchange and credit facility within seconds. b. If you need to Trade on Defi Coins price just scan your wallet, select the amount of Defitt Coins you want to Trade (Hedge or Bet as if The best way to understand hedging is to think of it as a form of insurance. … Hedging against investment risk means strategically using financial instruments or market strategies to offset the risk of any adverse price movements. Put another way, investors hedge one investment by making a trade in another , and when some body enter the price and load his/her wallet with balance using same machine and once the DEFItt Coins/ Corporate Bare Bonds reach the price your DEFItt Coins will be automatically transferred to your wallet with minimum exchange price comparing the price with other exchange. c. If some body wants to buy Some Other Crypto Currency, just scan his/her wallet and select the crypto of its choice from the available list of cryptos /Bonds get the latest price, pay the amount by using Our DEFItt Coins/ DefitT Corporate Bare Bonds here you go that crypto currency will be transferred to your wallet through our Cryptocurrency Exchanges (DEFItt Buzaar).
  2. Solar Powered City: A DEFItt word which will create its own electricity using solar power.
  3. Gaming Zone: Enjoy your stay with live games and your team members, one of the unique ideas about our gaming is that it will have 1000s of online games and mobile games at a single place.
  4. Casino: Through your wallet you can play games and change your life.
  5. Hotels: Hotel is not a new concept we are discussing here, but the thing which will create interest for tourist will be, “FREE STAY”. Whoever is visiting UAE and wants to visit DEFItt world they will enjoy free stay and full services free of cost which you get in the Top 5/7 stars Hotels including separate villas for big groups and rooms for individual.
  6. Clubs: If luxury is all you require, we have one stop solution for your luxury needs. Luxury villas, Luxury cars, Luxury Parties ETC all at one place at your service with luxury club packages. Including Capital Club -Dubai or Dessi Nights Dubai or Mercury Lounge_ at 2 Jumeirah St ..
  7. On Spot Exchange: Live DEFItt banks will make it easy for you to buy or sell crypto or exchange your Defitt Coins or fTT BONDS, with fiat or fiat with DEFItt in minutes of the transaction.
  8. Live Restaurants: A place where you don’t have to compromise the taste of your food, you just think of it and you will get it. Restaurants serving authentic delicacies from around the world to satisfy your taste buds only able with De
  9. Live game war shows: Gaming tournaments have taken a big place in the hearts of the young generation, we will be organizing a live games war in association with games popular all around the world.
  10. Robotic War: War with robots: how battle bots will define the future of ground combat. Hunkered down behind a thick stone wall, the squad leader hears the rumble of tank treads ahead as a Robo- breaches Person plows through city street obstacles followed by its control vehicle a few blocks behind. The staff sergeant signals squadmates to launch a handheld drone that peeks around dangerous corners, scouting enemy fire positions and this all will be possible in our Defi Play world.
  11. Shopping Malls Shop from your favorite brand and make payments from your DEFItt Bonds or through fTT BONDS & Coins
  12. Luxury SPA Time spent with nature heals your body, mind, and spirit. Massage therapy is one of the oldest techniques in the world for dealing with bodily aches and ailments. A skilled massage therapist can help pinpoint the source of your pains and help you through a variety of treatments in a healing regime. This is why we offer everything from deep tissue massages to Moroccan baths, with DEFItt Coins/Bonds.
  13. Salon Service for both men and women Pamper yourself with our experts only for our Privileged Members DEFItt Coins & Corporate Bare (DefitT) Bonds or with  fTT BONDS.
  14. Private Party clubs Portsmouth’s Flagship Community and Enterprise Facility. Hire One of Our Extensive Sports, Party, Wedding or Meeting Spaces or Theme Parties .
  15. Fully Secured Campus Your security is our responsibility.
  16. No Tax Zone – A search for a haven for Decentralized Financial Markets. Enjoy and spend, we will take care of your tax on each transaction ,Where you can convert your Non KYC Funds/Black Money to legal Funds (KYC) ,with almost very less  tax ,risk free ,saifly , hassle free with Double of the Amount of Investment .
  17. Fully Temperature Controlled Water Parks – Splash your way through a full day of Defitt Water Park themed fun with 20 water slides .
  18. fTT BONDS License Authority – Book and sale tickets: concerts, sports, arts, theater, shows, festivals, family events, and attractions designed especially for families with kids.
  19. DEFItt Bank -The place where you can do your transaction through our DEFItt Digital Currency Bank .
  20. DEFItt Real Estate aka ” DefitT Landscape” exclusive Bonus- Get The Most Exclusive Property in Budget for construction Total Budget: 20 Billion Dollars (As this will be a joint venture – land and half of the total the project will be invested with Proposed perty like ‘Emmar’ or  of it means & by Eiosoft Capital Group LLC.Total Tenure: 5 Years to 20 years.as like Swiss Residency,Beetch Front, Vella.


1) We will Issue the fTT- Eiosoft -Certificate of Commitment, which is a fTT Cryptocurrency bond.

2) Automatic Redeem & Release for Sale on Completion, on Completion of the Lock-in Period of 5 years or 7 years as applicable

3)Bonus of 10% of Purchase Amount will be givento Full Payment Investors as Token of Gratitude For Both, fTT and DEFItt .

4) On Redemption of fTT token, Either Double the Original Buying Price which includes the Bonus Amount will be given to FPS Investors Or 50% of the prevailing market price at time of Redemption which ever is higher.

5) Crypto currency / Digital Asset Bonds of 7 years will be Released data later date, with a Certificate of Commitment of 250% which is equivalent to 2 & ½ time so purchase value plus 12 % additional premium Bonus For Full Payment Scheme Investors.

Product Management

INTRODUCTION-:WE ARE EIOSOFT CAPITAL, USA , ABU DHABI & DUBAI IN A Joint Venture WITH THE GOVT OF UAE (ABU DHABI) Led by our visionary and professional management & Vision of our His Excellency Managing Director Sir in an collaboration with the royal families of Ajman & Abu Dhabi.We started our Journey & grew in an organized manner in Real Estate, Investments Banking, Oil & Gas, Banking, Fund Raising and many More Verticals by its a subsidiary company of Eiosoft Capital.. India.which has the Official & Legal Representative rights of its mother holding of Eiosoft Capital, including EIOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD -(Mumbai,Office No (R 618),BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) Building, Rotunda Building Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers, Dalal St, Kala Ghoda Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001),or  Eiosoft Technologies Pte Ltd – Doha-Qater  ,as they are the Legal Representative of  Eiosoft Capital, As it’s an UAE- BASED Enterprise ,as its also subsidiary company of Eiosoft Capital.. India, has the Official & Legal Representative rights of its mother holding of Eiosoft Capital as it’s a PPP ( Public, Private & Partnership ) with the GOVT. OF AJMAN & ABU DHABI ( UAE).


Subject >. – Portfolio Management Services Division.

There are 2 products on offer in PMS ….. 1.As per ICA-UAE trade gazetted notice, there has been a tie up Between RBI & CB- UAE, published on 15th march 2023, Accordingly we have issued the fTT Non Convertible Digital Bond/ Debenture that doubles in 5 years Starts at 2.5 lacs and attracts 30% GST plus 2% DTT up to 25 lacs 4% up to 1.1 crore & 6% DTT Above 1.1 Crore .

E-mail I’d , defittlandscape@eiosoftcapital.ae , legal@eiosoftcapital.ae support@eiosoftcapital.ae SEBI registration number of the Trading member INB 0100082162.


Product -2, is a Corporate Bond also known as Defitt Virtual Currency Bonds, issued in Dubai -Doubles after 18 months with a special offer starts at 25 crores and attracts 9% VAT+ 2% ,Digital /Virtual Currency Transfer Tax, VAT is payable at time of purchase as well, is applicable on Time of Maturity, though only on the profit . 3.The Corporate Bond is linked to DEFItt Coin, So The Client will get After 18 months …..Double of the Principal Invested Or 50% of DEFItt Value Whichever is Higher.>

Return Of Investment>

A > .Digital Assets Sovereignty Non Convertible Debenture/Bonds.-( fTT ICO Non Convertible Digital Asset Bonds/Debenture (Forex Trade Token)> fTT Bond has a “ LOCKING PERIOD of 5 years & 7 years”, All Returns are Tax Free, as Dividend as per Income Tax Act of India , Section 194 provides for deduction of tax at source on distribution or payment of dividend by a Company as liability to deduct TDS shall arise from Source Profit of the company if the amount of dividend distributed .

B> Earnings 2.5 Lakhs to 11 Lacks 2 % Premium Bonus with Multiple EMI Payments Options.(DEFItt Coins). 2 Lakhs to 7 Lacks 2.25% & 7 Lacks to 11 Lacks 2.5 % Premium Bonus with Full Payment Scheme Investors. ( DEFItt Coins). 11 Lacks Plus to 16 Lacks 2.5% and 16 lacks Plus 24.50 Lacks 3% Premium Bonus Multiple EMI Payments Options. (With DEFItt Coins) . 11 Lacks Plus to 16 Lacks 5% and 16 lacks Plus 24.50 Lacks 5. 5% Premium Bonus with Full Payment Scheme Investors. 25 Lacks + to 2 Cr 4.5 % Premium Bonus Multiple EMI Payments Options (DEFItt Coins). 25 Lacks + to 2 Cr 7 % Premium Bonus Full Payment Scheme Investors(DEFItt Coins). 2 Cr Plus to 7 Cr . 5.25 % Premium Bonus Multiple EMI Payments Options (DEFItt Coins) 2 Cr Plus to 7 Cr . 9 % Full Payments Scheme (DEFItt Coins). 7CR Plus to 12 Cr .6.5% Premium Multiple EMI Payments Options (DEFItt Coins). 7 Cr Plus to 12 Cr .12.45% Full Payments Scheme (DEFItt Coins). 12 Cr Plus to ABOVE 7.5% Multiple EMI Payments Options (DEFItt Coins). 12 Cr Plus to ABOVE 16.45 % for Full Payment Scheme (DEFItt Coins). The installment will be 2 to 3 Equal amount.

C> , EXPORTS & Issues International Letter of Credit/ DLC (deferred payment letter of credit),/ULC(usance letter of credit) /SBLC (STANDBY LETTER OF CREDIT )/BANK GUARANTEE .


Do you need an SBLC(Sand By Letter OF Credit)/ Bank Guarantee or a Letter of Credit to Facilitate / Funds Raising your Immediate Imports /Exports or Projects ? INTRODUCTIONForeign LC Planning for BUYER/RECEIVER.We, Eiosoft Capital Group LLC- Abu Dhabi ,UAE provide bank instruments known as SBLC/ DLC( deferred payment letter of credit), ULC ( usance letter of credit) for administrative lease, and Non administrative purchase. Whether you are a new start-up, a medium or large establishment that needs a financial solution to fund/get your project off the ground, or an established business looking for extra capital to expand your operations. Our Bank Instrument can help you fund your projects in trading, business, importation & Exportation, etc.Foreign LC Planning for BUYER/RECEIVER.

1) Buyer/ Receiver-COMPANY will send mail to our company official mail Id by today for CIS. For Joint Venture based with between your esteemed Company’s and EIOSOFT/PROVIDER/ ISSUER CAPITAL or any of its subsidiary holding with [ 44% + 56% ] which includes 5% without any COLLATERAL BUT,,Approximately for regular work for Copper Cathode Commodity/ Software/ as well as food products.Buyer/ Receiver-COMPANY will send mail to our company official mail Id for CIS. For Joint Venture based with between Buyer /Receiver ‘s esteemed Company’s and EIOSOFT/PROVIDER/ ISSUER CAPITAL or any of its subsidiary holding with [ 44% + 56% ] if it is without any COLLATERAL Based BUT,PROVIDER / EIOSOFT CAPITAL/ Or any of its subsidiary in our holding, with group of 209 Crowdfunding Companies, have more than 350 Million DLC / ULC IN OUR EACH HOLDING COMPANY,PROVIDER / EIOSOFT CAPITAL/ Or any of its subsidiary in our holding, with group of 209 Crowdfunding Companies.Approximatey for regular work for Copper Cathode Commodity/ Software/ as well as food products.The issuing bank are NBD Emirates Banks /ICBC Bank of China, / International Bank of Chicago ect.It will be auto revolving for 12 months period as Recourse . So we need LTV for Recourse Letter of Credit as LC/ DLC/ ULC.Our Procedure is in the verbiage as below which is non negotiable.

1> We can assist you with CASH margin requirements in lieu of the 3.6 X COLLATERAL Security For Non Joint Ventures. No Additional Collateral Security needs to be provided other than 45 % of the face value of the Instrument LTP value of marginal Funds security Banker Cheque is needed alongwith 5% services charges apart from Banking charges & 1.1 % Compliance package charges.

2. > After CIS submission, the receiver/ Buyer WILL PREPARE A BANKER CHEQUE/ DEMAND DRAFT 5%( service charges) & 1.1% (duedilgince and compliance package charges ) ,its applicable only ,for Example, if the face value of the said Financial Instrument ‘is 1.6 Million USD.’ , as well as the buyer/ receiver intimate its banker for upgrade its LTV for the SAID INTRUMENT.


We Follow This Process Below Accordingly ,The receiver agrees and accepts as per below written standard consideration.


1. Provider provides DOA, Receiver/Buyer signs, and sends back for countersigning.

2. 0>. Provider bank issue MT199 swift and a copy will be sent to buyer.

2. 1>. Upon verification and confirmation of the MT7199 Buyer remits the issuing bank charges to deliver the MT799/MT760/MT 700.

3. Provider sends MT799/MT760 ./ MT 103-27 B/ MT701/ MT700 swift etc.

4. Provider will sends MT760 /MT 103-27 B/ MT701/ MT700 swift etc. ,hard copy to Receiver within 7 Business days.

5. Receiver pay provider and broker fee via MT103 directly toward Eiosoft Capital Group LLC – Abu Dhabi, Represent in India by Eiosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd ( Mumbai-BSE) as its Indian Subsidiary for legal duedilgince & Compliance Representative.


1. The Buyer/ Receiver will prepare fresh DD / Bankers Cheque in front of our any Top level Management Personal or Representive of Rvenue Distribution, in favor of PROVIDER company in its Designated Bank , YES BANK at GOREGAON BRANCH (East)-Mumbai/First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB),Jebel Ali Branch,Near Gate 5, Adjacent to Dubai Chamber Office, jafza – Dubai – United Arab Emirates,Compulsory in front of any of our Director-Revenue Distribution-Team 0r any top Level Managerial personnel.( Depends on Zone of Business Resource).

.>2 Our any of  Excutive Director/Director-Revenue Distribution will take DD/ Banker Cheque making slip from them & Issues Authorities mail to Issuing for the said instrument, to our Credit Advisory & Corporate Consiglieres Team to Issues the DLC( deferred payment letter of credit, ) / ULC or an usance letter of credit) .

>3 As its been spoken, in the very 1st, The Receiver/ Buyer will pay ,an amount with a sum of 2,950,000.00/_ ,which is part of the said service charges plus its GST OF 18% on 2,500,000.00/_ to our esteemed Company’s Designated bank account RTGS to stated process As FILE processing fess, as if  Pvt Ltd ( Mumbai-BSE) as its Indian Subsidiary for legal duedilgince & Compliance ,the Banker’s cheque been made in two part with our all relevant supporting documents above works ,as well as ,Buyer/ Receiver obliged to provide us to all its relevant “Information & Documents”, as per ICA-UAE KYC Norms & its banking terms & conditions with ADGM & DIFC guidelines. After ,that PROVIDER will send official confirmation for our end via email to fix up the appointment as if that we will meet with Buyer / receiver in Issuers office as soon as possible and availability of time for submitting balance, a sum 4,124,120.00/_with of Once After issues of LC and its proper verification ,the one security Banker cheque of “One Way Dispensable as memo of consideration “as a Sum of4,124,120.00/_with a Banker Cheque/DD/PO with an agreement for Memorandum of Understanding with your CEO/Director ‘s / Management Personnel, for security purpose of balance payment ,which will deposit, only when after the said LC hit our Bank Account which will be confirmed & verified by Receiver Banker only,Means After the successful verification of said LC/ Financial instrument have to deposit 5% + 1.1% which includes, Banker cheque along with service charges & Duedilgince & Compliance package charges has to be deposited which including Of a part payment in Initial Level for file processing fess.

>4. Once After only ,the security Banker Cheque, / DD for “One Way Dispensable as memo of consideration a Sum of 4,124,120.00/_plus its GST of 18%which is a sum of 742,341.60/-been Credited for its balance amount for Non Negotiable One Way Dispensable Non Agency Financial Services Regulatory Fess, after our Satisfied positive Verification only, once LC been Released, It will to Credit Credited with an immediate effect, before bills acceptance by your End (Company-Eiosoft Capital or any of its subsidiary holding company),as well as the documentation will be immediately started, by your esteemed company’s Designated Bank.

1>.of 4 This contract is 56%+44% Share basis, both parties has agree to come upon before the bill Acceptance with various Water Tight Tri-Pad Non Agency Legal Exclusive Rights Agreements /Contracts with its certain time frame of dead line to conclude the deal .

1.0>. of 4 .

The amount of 56% of LC or 92,737,680.00/- INR ,which ever is Higher, will be transferred to our esteemed Company’s (Eiosoft Capital/Eiosoft Technologies) Designated bank as Non -Negotiable One Way Dispensable Non Agency Financial Services Regulatory Fess which is part of the Tri-Pad Agreement, Once After Immediate effect of the submission and acceptance of bills by your end.

5) BUYER / RECEIVER company will pay bank charges directly to the bank as and when it’s required.


1). 1st, The Receiver will mail the CIS along with KYC of company, including its bank details/ statement submitted its expression of Interest.

2). After the Receiver will send back to back, Proforma Invoice (PI) with its all details along with delivery address mentioned in PI.(which will to be Dubai to Dubai only).

3.1). When Receiver will get LC MT/ FIN 700 / 701,after that we will submitted all documents, packing list of Materials, E Challan, Commercial Invoice, Proforma Invoice, all are copy original (3Nos). .

3.2). In case of Joint Venture with Non Collateral based Funds Raising deal , The ratio will be 44%+56% in LTP value.[Receiver/ Buyer Company + Eiosoft Capital/ Eiosoft Technologies], alone with our all relevant documents with Acceptance of Bill by the Issuer(Eiosoft Capital or any of its subsidiary) , and gating the payment from our bank,56% payment transfer which including of 45% of marginal security Banker Cheque, as our (Eiosoft Capital/ Eiosoft Technologies) mentioned AC ,and rest of 44% ,the receiver will used for its trade purpose with pre- sedualed Non Admistrative Lien/ Holding as discussed as agreed certain amendments of time line/frame with capital guarantee towards Eiosoft capital/Eiosofttechnologies-Pte-ltd,of the said amount of 44% ,which will returnable with its commercial returns as committed after the time frame.

4). As ,as part of the contract of memorandum, 1st issued this LC 1.60 million USD ,Eiosoft Capital/ or any its subsidiary will issues next 5 million to 10 million USD, we will go up to 200+ million USD Usance LC for trade purpose with in next 3 to 5 months as per Buyer / Receiver choice as requested by Receiver/ Buyer only .

5).After the successful verification of said LC/ Financial instrument have to deposit 5% + 1.1% which includes, Banker cheque along with service charges & Duedilgince & Compliance package charges has to be deposited.

6) BUYER / RECEIVER company will pay bank charges directly to the bank as and when it’s required. .

7) After the Banker’s cheque Credit the Bill of acceptance/ 202 ,initiated by mail to mail subject matter will be prepare of the marginal Security Banker cheque of 45% the face value of the said Financial instrument.8) The Marginal Security Banker cheque/DD of 45% of face value of the said instrument should be prepared Compulsory front of  Director/ Excutive Director Revenue Distribution or any of the higher Management including An Excutive Director.

8).After the said prosidings, the DD / Bankers Cheque making slip collocated from them & hand over to  THE DIRECTOR- REVENUE DISTRIBUTION -GROUP,/ An Excutive Director OF THE PROVIDER HOLDING COMPANIES.

9) Once After the said instrument Security Cheque of 45% face value of the said instrument been hand over, To The Director-Revenue Distribution/Higher Management Personal or its authorised Common Personnel as appointed & trusted by Company side as Arbitrar . But not deposit in the bank , will completed Prosidings for Bill of acceptance by Issuer.

10) As soon as the buyer / Receiver company will receive Swift Massage / verbiage / Mail of from the Receiving bank with Credit- Pre – Advice Note , The PROVIDER/ ISSUER will deposit the said 45% amount of Marginal Funds Security Banker Cheque/ DEMAND DRAFT of its face value of the said Letter of Credit in Designated bank for Credited .

11> Once After Immediate effect of Credit of Funds, for your 11 month Holdings Marginal Security Funds for your SBLC/ Funds Raising. you will transferred, the rest of balance payment which is , 56% -( 45 % + 1.1%+ 5%)= 4.90% …. with a direct MT 103, as per ICA-UAE & RBI guidelines code- P1006.


1>Interested agents, brokers, investors, and individuals proposing international project funding should contact us for directives. We will be glad to share our working procedures with you upon request. Should you find this interesting and acceptable? Kindly contact us, and we shall review and respond with the draft contract/MOU within 48 hours maximum ‘, after its first papers confirmation As we will send all documents alone with 1st tranche of payment confirmation, so that you can issued LC ,in next 47 hrs ,Eiosoft Capital or any its subsidiary will issues MT 700/ 701/760. NB -1]As if ,Stand By Letter of Credit are Banned by Govt of UAE ,for any UAE based Enterprise as well as Govt of India affiliated any Indian Bank Account ‘s ,. So SBLC IS NOT ACCEPTABLE IN INDIA OR UAE.

2] Payments will be made toward Eiosoft Capital Group LLC – Abu Dhabi, Represent in India by Eiosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd ( Mumbai-BSE) as its Indian Subsidiary for legal duedilgince & Compliance Representative.

3] .0. Duedilgince Fees is must ,which is Non Negotiable charges of 1 1% additional for Financial services In case of Non Joint Venture based Collateral Security based Letter of Credit or ULC/ DLC and its has be clear before processing for LC ,the Buyer / Receiver obliged received its Invoice &,full its legal duedilgince report.

3].1 .For Joint Venture based Funds Raising Program, the collateral is not needed ,so as that duedilgince procedure also not be needed for Collateral but it’s Compliance Package is needed for Joint venture based deals ,which I.4 % of face value of the Instrument., which is categorically/ mandatorily need to transferred / clear by the receiver/ Buyer before Bill Acceptance by the Issuer/ provider, but can be adjusted in case of large size of Letter of credit, which is more than 10 Millions usd ,will be adjusted with its Marginal Security Banker Cheque which is been paid by bill of acceptance. 




For Write us for Business Partner enquiries To The Honorable Group CEO & Respected Board Members , Eiosoft Capital Group LLC – Abu. Dhabi.

To The groupceo@eiosoftcapital.ae For any compliance issues or legal assistance write us to legal@eiosoftcapital.ae Cc to support@eiosoftcapital.ae

For any Export of Basmati Rice OR Crude Oil/ Domestic LC(Indian Letter OF Credit) / Foreign Letter OF Credit/ SBLC(Sand By Letter OF Credit) /DLC( deferred payment letter of credit, also known as a usance letter of credit) Please write / mailed us for its tie up for Export / funds Raising with Eiosoft Capital to the….

groupceo@eiosoftcapital.ae Cc to legal@eiosoftcapital.ae Cc to export@eiosoftcapital.ae Cc to credit@eiosoftcapital.ae


Our Team

Our team is a team of experienced blockchain developers and marketing analysts coming from different countries. The team has a wide portfolio of ERC and NON-ERC based projects across the world.

I. Lassoued

Dy Chief Officer

 Ms. I Lassoued is the Dy Chief Officer who brings with her, 11 years of Valuable experience of working in Several Departments of the Central Govt of the UAE & GCC, chiefly in the Federal Govt Govt in the Legal. In Addition, she has 11 years of experience in Legal Policies & Information Technology, Cyber Security, Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Digital Currency with Anti Financial Crime on behalf of FATF Also. Besides Ensuring Best Administrative Practices are Followed Within the Group in Conformity with Statutory and Legal Requirements, She identifies Growth Areas and the Direction the Company should Follow to be Profitable and Withstand Change.


J G Jadhav Director Revenue Distribution-Mumbai.

Mr. Jitendra Gopal Jadhav is ,as an appointmented Director with a high potential investment risk & also subsequently, he is heading for the distribution channels of DEFItt & fTT BONDS in Mumbai Zone , as Director -Revenue Distribution-group ,  only with Eiosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd,Office No (R 618),BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) Building, Rotunda Building Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers, Dalal St, Kala Ghoda Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001,As a part of legal Indian representation subsidiary of Eiosoft Capital Group LLC Abu Dhabi for its Duedilgince & Distribution channels and also as Director- Revenue Distribution allocates volume and value transactions received from the Valuation application component of PRA across DOI ownership, and does the following: Disburses funds to owners. Generates accounting distributions. Allocates bearer expenses to working owners.

H. Al. Khaifi

CFO & Company Secretary

Haifa was named CEO of Energy Development Oman (EDO) in January, a new holding company established in late 2020 with the mandate to, among other things, represent the government’s stake in Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), the largest oil and gas producer in the sultanate that produces 1.21 million boe/day. Al Khaifi will lead EDO’s team alongside her role as the Finance Director of PDO, which she has held since 2012 after joining the company in 1998. Haifa was also the board director and treasurer at Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL) for 20 years with a total 40 years experience.

A. Busheri



Global H R experience of 16 years in the IT and Financial segment. Specialised in H R policies Cryptocurrency and blockchain developments. Brand & strategy building. Structural optimisation of business and business plans. Business – Touching Lives is her forte.


Sulaiman Al- Fahim
Executive Director – Revenue Distribution -Gulf & Middle East.

Mr Sulaiman Al Fahim is the Executive Director at GCC & Middle East. Mr. Fahim is from the Great Al Fahim Family, One of the most richest family in UAE, has Over many years of experience in trading & negotiations throughout the Gulf Countries & in the Middle East Sub Continent with a proven and successful track record and an enviable reputation to match. He currently is, the chief advisor of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce.

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