What are Virtual Digital Assets? How can it benefit you in longer run?

There is a Good Boom in the Cryptocurrency Market these days. Most people are curious about Investing in Crypto. Since the Financial Turbulence caused by the Pandemic and the Ukrainian Crisis, Everyone is thinking of Savings & investment. So what are the options available ???when it comes to Investing in Digital Assets & Cryptocurrency.

Investment world is churning: Gold v/s BTC & ETH Digital Virtual Asset..question is rolling over the market?

Nowadays the virtual asset has Seen plenty of Changes as BTC/ ETH Has won the Trust of Investor’s and the Fund Houses For Funds Raising Programs. The return of Investments here is Higher than that in GOLD. Most of the INVESTORS have converted their funds from GOLD to Bitcoin or OTHER DIGITAL VIRTUAL ASSETS like the fTT ICO BONDS (NCD) . If we look at the data of the last three years, gold has increased from $1400 to about $2060 (200 $ per year). On the other hand, Bitcoin/ Ethereum was $5100 from the year 2019 to 2022 and now it has increased to about $ 45000 to $ 62000. That is, there is an average return of $13300 per year.

Now Come the Golden Opportunity Beckons:

An UAE-based Enterprise Eiosoft Capital, a venture by Eiosoft Technologies Inc (US), a leading business partner of Guardian Industries,a Koch Industry Company has an Unit in Gujrat, through Eiosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd in India, are now planning to Launch their fTT ICO bonds in the world Of the Secondary Market

It is a Digital Assets/Cryptocurrency Bond. Which Invests in Decentralized Crypto Environment under the Guidelines of the Decentralized Finance.Supported by its Stable Coins , It’s a Secured Token for investment, as its been backed by Govt of Ajman And Govt of Dubai in the UAE,and will be pegged with AED currency and Commodity Buffers like Gold & Oil and the proposed RBI CBDC once the CBDC becomes Operational, So this one also.

Based on the Decentralized financial Yield Protocol (UK) for Tokens, This program is only for those who are looking to Invest for the Long Term Non Convertible Debenture. As a NCD , It can be Traded in the Market After its Listing with its back to Back ICO to IPO coming in the London Stock Exchange as well as the Bombay Stock Exchange ( BSE).

This can be done Only after its Listing. According to projections, its return on investment remains quite stable. Apart from this, comparing it with investment in banks, it will prove to be a better option for the investment community – this Unique fTT ICO Bond.

As per the Data Available, the Increase in Gold will affect the rates of Gold Bond’s like Gold ETF. Let us inform you that Gold Bond Fund has brought very Good Returns in Digital Virtual Assets, as per the available data of the last three years . Therefore, it can be safe to assume that if this fund flow of gold ETFs and Gold Bond flows into fTT ICO Bonds, then it can be a Dark Horse In The Future Proving to be a Game Changer .

Where to Invest ? This question arises in the mind,Bank FD’s V/s fTT Bond Digital Virtual Asset ?

As a Common man ,as a long term investor.

By comparing Year on Year (YoY) basis Bank Rate on FD’s Or on Fixed Deposits Interest is decreasing kept in Banks for long term. Now we get Generally 1 to 7.5 % p. a.depending on the country,which makes the survival for a common person very difficult to handle woes in the real life. Now it is very difficult to survive in the Post Covid 19 Era where Very High Inflation is rampant Around the World. So in this crucial period where survival for a common man is difficult, comes the World’s First Digital Virtual Asset fTT Bond from Eiosoft Capital, A company Based in UAE. USA . & UK . & Now Shortly In India.

Let us compare interest rate to fTT Bond which is A Digital Virtual Asset

In Respect of Eiosoft fTT Bond, One Will get 100% growth Assured Returns in a Lock-in period of 5 years and 150% return growth in a Lock-in for 7 years, That is 2 – 2.5 Times of Bank FD’s in India, depending on the term & Exponentially much higher abroad

As per RBI policy Bank rates fluctuates to control economy . Previously we used to get 8 to 9 % p.a.But now we get 4.5 to 7.5 % interest p.a. So which would be a better choice ??? the fTT Bond or Bank FD’s ?

Growth with Peace of Mind is Yours for the Asking

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