Eiosoft IBu Partners -Top Of The Table ( Supplementary mid-term NDIS participants,- JAN 24)

A.R Khan

Sr. Member of Advisory Board & Sr.IBu Partner

IBU Code-E00106


L.S Day

Sr. Member of Advisory Board & Sr.IBu Partner.

IBU Code-E01154

Al. Ghanim

IBU Code-E00010

Maria P

IBU Code-E00003

A. Goswami

Associate Member Of Advisory Board & Sr.IBu Partner.

IBU Code-E000079

A. Elgindy

IBU Code-E00018

A. Wancho

Sr. Member Of Advisory Board & Sr.IBu Partner.

IBU Code-E00056

Y. M.Abo-Rjela 

IBU- Code- E00205


 J Krezdorn-Sr. IBu Partner.

IBU Code-E00111

M. Mounzer

IBU Code-E00020


Sr.IBu Partner & Associate Member of Advisory

IBU Code-E00081


Associate IBu Partner (COT Team)


Associate IBu Partner (COT Team)


A.K Basu

Associate IBu Partner (COT Team)

Dr. B.K. Patel

Associate IBu Partner (COT Team)

 Associate IBu Partner

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